Quotes for A New Path


“If you’re a fan of Yuval Noah Harari’s book Sapiens or the work of Jared Diamond—those books that do a deep dive into just how radically our modern way of life has diverged from the evolutionary norm for our species…then Arthur Haines’s A New Path is a must-read.”  — Jennifer Grayson, Author of Unlatched and Award-winning Journalist 


"I can think of no one better suited to write this book than Arthur Haines. It’s his unique perspective, as a scientist, an experimental archeologist, a father, a forager, a hunter, and a first-generation neoaboriginal, that lends this text such profound credibility. May this work be, in part, a torch of guiding light, illuminating the New Path before us. A path that leads us back to the balance that we—and the entire phylogeny of life—need so desperately to achieve." — Daniel Vitalis, host of the Rewild Yourself podcast and founder of Surthrival


"A New Path is a clear and easily understood presentation of a meaningful and nature-connected future.  Be prepared for the paradigm shift, as the world feels different after just the first chapter."     — Bremen James, farmer/father/forager


"Arthur Haines quite literally lays out a new path, and an educational alternative, to the modern existence that so many of us have come to know as normal.  This beautiful publication helps to remind its readers of many simple (but forgotten) truths, and works to share the language of nature with a new generation of digital dependents."  — Neal K. Lofgren, High School Educator