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Practicing and sharing a neoaboriginal lifeway—a synthesis of the experience and wisdom accrued over the past seven million years with evidence from contemporary scientific research—to foster awareness, connection, health, and self-reliance.

Welcome to the web site of Arthur Haines and the Delta Institute of Natural History, a source for wild food and medicine instruction, primitive living skills mentoring, New England plant taxonomy and nomenclature, and natural history lessons.

A major focus of the Delta Institute of Natural History is developing self-reliance that promotes awareness and eco-conscientiousness.  This necessitates drawing on technologies that were first perfected many millennia ago, in some cases, prior to the emergence of Homo sapiens as a species.  These technologies, often referred to as primitive skills or ancestral life ways, are the only technologies that have demonstrated they are sustainable. Further, they nourished and healed the body, produced a healthy and vital next generation, and promoted connection to the landscape (rather than distinction from).  These outcomes were accomplished through an education system that fostered the development of important human characteristics, beginning with the perfection of nature-based skills, and progressing to thoughtful practices, ceremony, and, ultimately, service beyond self.  Connect with the Delta Institute to understand how these skills are effective, timely, and rejuvenative.


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