Communal Living

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An evening in November. Above you, stars peek out of a darkening sky misted with smoke. Tonight, like most nights now, you sit cross-legged by the fire. Next to you are your loved ones, one of which begins telling the story of the day’s harvest: acorns, wild turkey, and mushrooms, all gathered on the communal land you call home. Across the flames you hear their voice but also the promise beneath it—that this food will be shared among you, ensuring your survival for another lunar cycle, deepening the growing bond between the tribe…

Sound good to you? We thought so too. That’s why we began Terra Village here on 150 acres of forest in central Maine—a real community, based on our ancestral birthright to a deep connection with each other and the land. A community where we share food, but also other types of nourishment: songs, stories, and rituals. Where the economy is based on reciprocity rather than extraction. Where the nuclear home is replaced by the community lodge, and life is lived according to the principles knit in your bones.

Right now our community is small, but we hope to change that soon (perhaps with your help!). In addition to eventually adding more acreage, we are looking for like-minded individuals and families to join us in living an ancestral lifestyle. Maybe you’ve been practicing rewilding for years, and are ready to commit full time. Or, maybe you just have a feeling that your modern way of life is “off”. Either way, we invite you to get to know us, and consider joining our growing community.

Who We Are


Guiding Principles


Interested in joining Wilder Waters Community? Let’s talk! Email us at and/or to set up a visit, or simply start a conversation. We’d love to hear from you.

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