I’m pleased to announce that I am now offer personal consulting on an individual or small group basis.  The purpose of this consulting is to offer personalized information for reclaiming and maintaining health, awareness, and nature connection.  I’ve been assisting people and families with dietary, wild medicine, primal parenting, prenatal nutrition, movement, and ancestral lifeways information for years, offering tailored approaches for both first-hand learning and guidance for mentoring young people.

My approach has always been to utilize methods, whether that be dietary suggestions or information on botanical medicine, that are corroborated by both modern scientific evidence and indigenous use.  This approach offers the benefit of keeping information in-line with historical facts concerning human health.  Compelling evidence exists that humans need exposure to nature on many levels; therefore, nature-centered approaches can be very effective in dealing with many of the physical and psychological issues being faced today (these issues usually caused by or exacerbated by nature divorcement).

Philosophically, I am a proponent of holistic methods that utilize a variety of non-invasive techniques for healing.  Diet, movement, community, natural medicine, and ceremony are the primary tools I use for assisting people with the issues they bring to me.  These are techniques that satisfy two important criteria that should be an integral feature of any methodology:  efficacy and safety.  Equally as important, these methods are capable of treating the underlying (i.e., root cause) issue, as opposed to merely treating the symptoms and never generating actual resolution.  I am a proponent of using the strengths of western medicine (but avoiding the weaknesses).  Therefore, I recommend using the diagnostic technology available to you before you contact me.  I am also an advocate of pro-active maintenance of health (rather than reaction).  I highly recommend attempting to get out in front of any potential issues you may experience and work to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit for increased vitality and resilience.

Interested persons who would like to connect and identify if I can be of help are free to call or email (use the Contact link in the upper right portion of the page).  We can use face to face meeting, Skype, or other media (depending on your location) to communicate and build an effective personal strategy.  I am a believer that our health is influenced by several factors, some of which are plainly visible and others of which are difficult to detect or were present at an earlier time in our lives.  My goal is to learn about your journey (in confidentiality) so that a new path can be identified that will work for your situation.  My fee for personal consulting is $100.00 an hour (though I will always make arrangements for those whose economic situation does not allow financial compensation for my time).  I work within your skill set and within the constraints of your landscape.  I am not a guru—I am a real person who has spent years using nature-based methods to heal myself and others from the consequences of the Standard American Diet and Lifestyle.  My goal is to share those methods with you and provide empowerment through health sovereignty.


Practicing and sharing a neoaboriginal lifeway—a synthesis of the experience and wisdom accrued over the past seven million years with evidence from contemporary scientific research—to foster awareness, connection, health, and self-reliance.