Interested in learning more about the Neo-Aboriginal lifeway?

As humans living in a society that is highly domesticated, it is crucial to our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being that we begin ReWilding ourselves by:

- Learning how to forage food and medicine from your local environment.

- Practicing self-reliance techniques that foster personal sovereignty and a thriving lifestyle.

- Connecting to nature on a regular basis though diet, exploration, primal movement, and knowledge of the wild beings nearby you.

- Understanding our ancestry as human beings and how that applies to our lives today.

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"I took the Fall Foraging class wanting to learn more about the plants that grow around me. As an English major, not a scientist, I worried about not being up to speed with plant knowledge, yet Arthur's gentle explanations and youthful humor calmed my anxieties. As well, throughout the workshop I learned the importance and power of classification identification. Although workshop attendees came from wildly different places and perspectives, our mutual bond grew from a respect that we were all there because we wanted to learn. I left humbled by what I didn't know, thrilled with what I learned, and have blocked out my calendar for the next workshop with Delta Institute." --J. Oren Stevens, Lewiston, ME