Ancestral Child Rearing

Why We Should Raise Our Children with Ancestral Awareness & Techniques

With the rates of C-Sections and induced labor being at all time highs in the United States and other countries, children being prescribed pharmaceutical drugs unnecessarily, as well as forced to attend eight hours of schooling under fluorescent lights that numbs the mind instead of igniting it--ancestral awareness when it comes to raising our children is more important than ever before.

Un-schooling is becoming more common amongst parents today, as it becomes clearer that the current model of rearing our children in society today isn't working.

I promote applying the neoaboriginal lifestyle to the way that we raise our children, to encourage healthy development where they are deeply nourished, inspired to be curious about their world, and understand the sacredness of life and connection to the earth.

Begin learning about child rearing the neoaboriginal way, by reading the free resources below!

Why Kids Shouldn't Eat from the Kids Menu

McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, TGI Friday's - these are just a few of the restaurants you might see a kids menu listed for children to order off of. Usual meals from the kids menu include grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta dishes, breaded chicken (from grain-fed animals), hot dogs (again, from grain-fed animals), and french fries cooked in vegetable oil. This is my take on why we should not be feeding our children from the kids menu!

The Importance of Lifeviews

Let us imagine two children.  Both live in a forested area, near a large mountain, with abundant water resources.  Both children live in dwellings made of wood, and use wood for heat, cooking, and tool manufacture. Both children value the forest. Click here to read more of my thoughts about how different lifestyles effect our life views as we grow.

When Did Pregnancy Become an Ailment?

A hospital is a place where ailing people go for a diagnosis and receive treatment (and sometimes also therapy) for that diagnosis. Most childbirth's in America today also happen in the hospital. When did pregnancy become an ailment? When did something as natural as giving birth become something that requires medical intervention? Continue reading to hear more of my opinion on hospital childbirth.

Toward Supporting Adolescent Emotional Health

Many children in this country are not emotionally healthy. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for American teens. In studies of remaining hunter-gatherer children and young adults, moon swings and identify crises, which are normal here in the United States, are uncommon in hunter-gatherer adolescents. Suicide is non-existent in intact cultures. Take a look at my article to learn more of how we can further support adolescent emotional health.

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