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Wild Food Weekend

(Offered in conjunction with the Maine Primitive Skills School)

Have you wondered what it would be like to feed yourself entirely from wild food?  Have you been interested to take part in the ecology of your landscape?  Have you been curious to see how your body would respond to our ancestral diet?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, this class was designed with you in mind.  This weekend will be spent gathering, processing, cooking, and eating wild foods (exclusively)—a unique experience few people get to live.  Students will spend time moving over the landscape with intent, developing a real understanding of the season and fitting into the niche that wild humans once occupied.  While it is a weekend about learning, it is as much about doing.  The foods consumed during this class will primarily come from the local, wild landscape of western Maine, and participants will spend time (hands-on) locating and preparing the foods for their meals throughout the weekend.  It will be an omnivorous event, with deer, fish, and possibly other species as important animal foods.  Weather allowing, most cooking will occur over an open fire and our meals will rely on relatively simple (i.e., easily replicated) menus.  Class will begin at 6:00 pm Friday night and run until approximately noon on Sunday.  This weekend-long class will be led by Arthur Haines and is limited to 6 students.  This is an outdoor class, so be prepared for whatever weather occurs (without foraging, we don't eat) and uneven and/or rocky ground.  Bring footwear for uneven ground.  Camping is available on site.  The price of the class is $375.00.  If you are interested in enrolling for this class, please contact Maine Primitive Skills School by calling (207)-623-7298, emailing, or visiting

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