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Preserving Native Plant Knowledge for Their Future

  • SVF Foundation Newport, RI (map)

This lecture is designed to expose the audience to a wide-range of useful plants that grow wild on the New England landscape.  Plants that can be used to nourish, heal, and craft are discussed.  Some specific examples of vitamin content, antioxidant ability, and herbal therapy will be shared.  Through use of images, stories of indigenous use, and contemporary scientific study, an argument is made that the waning use of wild plants (for food, medicine, fiber, etc.) is correlated with a decline in health of both our bodies and our local landscapes.  Foraging, wildcrafting medicine, and other such pursuits connect us to the wild world and create a bond, one that deepens with use.  The critical need for preserving native plants and their habitats cannot be fully realized without interacting with them (i.e., viewing them from afar does not reveal their full value to people).

This class is offered through the New England Wild Flower Society.

One can register online here.  Or, one can contact the registrar here.

Wednesday, August 12, 7-8 p.m.

Location: SVF Foundation, Newport, RI
Program Code: BOT7036
Instructor: Arthur Haines
Fee: $ (Member) / $ (Nonmember)