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Arthur at Herbstalk

11:00AM - 12:30PM

Walking With the Standing People
ith Arthur Haines
This outdoor walk will explore the local area to locate wild plants and discuss various aspects of these beings that pertain to food and medicine. Identification, nutritional information, and medicinal actions will be highlighted, along with eco-conscientious methods of interacting with the plants that we gather. Historical use, lore, and names will be included where appropriate. 

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Flora for the Fauna
with Arthur Haines
We will examine the current paradigm of human interaction with wild plants and present evidence for the need to change this pattern. Examples of the nutritional superiority of wild plants and their role in protecting from chronic disease will be discussed. The idea of “hands-off conservation” will be critiqued in comparison with the ancestral model of “conservation through use”. Examples of eco-conscientious practices of harvesting and evidence-based research highlighting the need for humans to be immersed in nature will be presented. In short, the goal of this presentation is to demonstrate the necessity of interacting with wild organisms to both promote human health and prevent the loss of wild places.

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Later Event: July 26
Dawnland Gathering