The 2019 Passamaquoddy Moon Calendar is now available for purchase.  This is being offered as a pre-order.  Calendars can be ordered through 20 November, at which point sales will close and calendars will be printed for those who have submitted orders.

moon-calendar-example copy.jpg

The Passamaquoddy Moon Calendar is a yearly method of tracking dates that utilizes the lunar cycle (noting the moon phases) and indigenous names (with translations).  For ease of use, this calendar also references the Gregorian Calendar days of the week and months, and records many holidays.  Solstices, equinoxes, and cross-quarter days are also marked.  Its organization by the lunar cycle is a return to a more natural calendar similar to that used by many traditional cultures.  A different color photograph accompanies each month.  100% of the profits will be donated to Passamaquoddy Language preservation.

Please choose carefully the correct PayPal button below for your order (note:  you do not need a PayPal account to use the "buy now" buttons because credit cards can be processed through these links).  If you are ordering from a Canadian Province or any country other than the United States, please call 207-books-4-u (207-266-5748) or email to get shipping information.  If you would prefer to speak to someone or would like to order more than two calendars, use the contact information in the previous sentence.

Calendars are 15.00 dollars each with 5.00 dollars for shipping and handling.  If you purchase a second calendar from the drop-down menus below, it ships for free to the same address (i.e., there is no additional shipping fee for the second calendar).