Student Testimonials

"This past year's foraging classes at the Delta Institute have had a transformational effect on the way I view and use plants.  Arthur's depth of knowledge extends from taxonomy to ethnobotany, herbalism to plant use in primitive applications, and beyond.   He is an instructor with a gift for sharing knowledge in a way that engages students; supplying, sometimes advanced, information in a manner that is effortless to assimilate.  Perhaps the best feature of a class with Arthur is that he speaks from personal experience of the topic at hand on top of a solid scientific grounding.  The weekend workshop creates an environment that fosters a deep integration of the material presented through several different modes of learning.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity that these sessions offer and highly recommend the experience to anyone interested in cohesive, in depth information about plants in an increasingly fragmented, specialized world.  A workshop or class with Arthur provides a well-articulated and uniquely holistic perspective on the role of plants in our lives, and our role in theirs."

--Jennifer Bourne, West Haven, CT.

"I took the Fall Foraging class wanting to learn more about the plants that grow around me. As an English major, not a scientist, I worried about not being up to speed with plant knowledge, yet Arthur's gentle explanations and youthful humor calmed my anxieties. As well, throughout the workshop I learned the importance and power of classification identification. Although workshop attendees came from wildly different places and perspectives, our mutual bond grew from a respect that we were all there because we wanted to learn. I left humbled by what I didn't know, thrilled with what I learned, and have blocked out my calendar for the next workshop with Delta Institute."

--J. Oren Stevens, Lewiston, ME.