This page allows access to a synonymized checklist of New England tracheophytes (i.e., vascular plants excluding mosses).  The following list includes those plants that have been documented to occur in New England through (primarily) herbarium voucher specimens.  It includes both orthospecies and named hybrids with binomial or trinomial designations.  The list is continually updated to reflect well-documented advancements in biosystematics.  Rationale and references for treatments used herein can be obtained through email request to .

Except where updates have occured, the tracheophyte checklist presents those names that were used in Flora Novae Angliae (Haines 2011; Yale University Press).  Taxa are arranged alphabetically by family (primarily utilizing the system of Judd et al. 1999—Plant Systematics:  A Phylogenetic Approach) within major taxonomic groups.  Follow the hyperlinks below to the group of choice.  If you are unable to find a species of interest, press the CTRL and F keys simultaneously (CMD and F on the MacIntosh).  This will open a small window that will allow one to type a string of text to search on within the page.  Due to the extensive changes that have occurred in some plant families, it may be difficult to locate genera and species of interest.  Follow the link for assistance with Liliaceae, Primulaceae, and Scrophulariaceae.

Download the complete checklist in Microsoft Excel format (10 Jan 2018)

Lycophytes (firmosses, clubmosses, quillworts, and spikemosses)

Monilophytes (remaining free-sporing tracheophytes)

Gymnosperms (non-flowering seed plants)

Magnoliid Complex (phylogenetically basal angiosperms)

Monocots (monocotyledenous angiosperms)

        Families A–M

        Families N–Z

Tricolpates (majority of dicotyledenous angiosperms)

        Families A

        Families BC

        Families DG

        Families HM

        Families NQ

        Families R

        Families ST

        Families UZ